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This course covers the 7 Elements and 8 Principles broken out in 46 step-by-step video lessons in real time

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The basics is a one-time cost for all 46 videos which includes introduction to each element and principle and project opportunities for practice. All of these videos are tutorial demonstrations.

The more advanced instructional pieces are being offered as a month-to-month membership subscription. In these we will delve deeply into the techniques and good practices of drawing and painting. Even if you are an experienced artist, we can always learn new things from one another. I am willing and eager to share what I know about the skills and techniques in drawing and painting.

I invite you here to read the blogs which will appear frequently. The art subjects will be varied and hopefully of interest to all artists.

JENNY BURROW  –  This art class series is an opportunity for me to share with you the absolute joys and challenges of making art. If you are here reading this you have some sense of the art spirit, the passion artists have innately to create.
The basics series is intended to teach the elements and principles if you have not learned those or if you just want to brush-up your basic skills. The basics are key to understanding the how and why for making art. Like the ingredients in a cake and a recipe on how to make it. If you don’t have a lot of experience with drawing and painting, I highly recommend you spend time on this series. These are step-by-step instructions for creating drawings using these basics. The elements and principles are our guiding light to making not just good, but great art.


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Use HOLIDAY discount code NUZNHWZP during checkout.