Jenny's ART Class


Are you home schooling your child(ren)?

Do you know California adopted new ART Education Standards in February 2023?

Do you have a plan to meet these new Standards?

This course will give you the basic understanding of the foundational skills necessary to create successful art.

The practice lessons give step-by-step instructions to acquire these skills.

These lessons are provided by a California Certificated Teacher and are grade-based as appropriate.

Projects and Introductions are broken into grades levels: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. On occasion there may be fewer projects, like K-2 and 3-8 or even K-8 depending upon the goals and level of understanding needed to perform that task.

Listen to what others have to say:

Erika Lopez

Kings River Union Elementary

Kate Stover

Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist for the Visual and Performing Arts of Tulare County Office of Education