Jenny Burrow, Artist & Teacher

The arts have been a priority in my life for as far back as I can remember. Luckily, I had parents who made sure I had what I needed to make art whether it be my violin music or the visual arts. There has been a lifetime to practice and honing to acquire skills of reputable success. For most of us this is what it takes. Practice.

The performing and visual arts are my passion along with teaching and sharing these interests with interested students. Watching a young, or older student find satisfaction and success with what they have newly learned is a joy. Teaching involves partaking of the passion with your students and watching them find that is truly exciting. There have been side steps in my career but I have always come back to the arts the one true source of inspiration and happiness for me. Sharing this happiness is my goal.

In this instructional website I hope to bring to you the passion for art. Sharing experiences in art and life in general is important to give back for the blessings I have received through the arts.  This is what any artist or teacher can only hope for.

It is my hope you will enjoy looking at this website so beautifully designed for me by my best friend, Leigh Scheidell who has worked many long hours putting it together. We will maintain the site to keep it updated as new classes are being released.

Be sure to visit our website which showcases our works (drawings, tryptichs and painting), provides a couple tutorial examples, videos of exhibits and past promotions.

California Art Education Association

Ruth Jansen Award 2021