Subscription Course Description

This subscription course is designed to be an ongoing course with two brand new lessons each month. I am pacing the lessons this way to give you a chance to finish what you are working on and practice the techniques you have learned. I encourage you to work along with the videos. You can stop the video at any place and repeat if you need to hear it or see it again. We will also have an introduction to discuss the medium used before each lesson.

Anyone can take this course, but it is recommended you have a little previous background with the elements and principles first even if you learned them on your own. It certainly isn’t a requirement but please at least familiarize yourself with the elements and principles of art beforehand.

We will be working with different media techniques, and specific painting techniques to give you tips you may not have in your painter’s experience box. I have studied with several art teachers and have picked up techniques specific from each of them. You can weed out what doesn’t interest you and glean to use that does.

The lessons will be thoroughly guided and demonstrated. I will be available to guide or help you with any issues or questions you might have in our Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to ask.